That said, The Arbory, a new condo development in City Park West, has stayed true to its course, starting and finishing as a condo development. Providing 41 for-sale homes in a five-story building, The Arbory provides a modest splash of condos sitting between high-rise and low-density. Since this is a final update, follow the link below to visit our previous posts on this project.

The Arbory Post History

Moving on to the final update, let’s start with a handful of ground-level photos from around the project. Staying true to the rendering, The Arbory features a natural-themed facade with contrasting black columns throughout the building.

The ground floor features ample landscaping and shade thanks to the large, prominent trees in the neighborhood.

Last up, for the exteriors, below are many photos looking at the project from a higher perspective.

DenverInfill was able to tour The Arbory just before completion. The interior finishes are simple and modern. Part of the goal of this project was to keep the prices obtainable and not have over-the-top amenities and interior finishes. Please note these units were still under-construction during our tour and do not reflect the completed finish.

Before we continue, a big thank you to Brad Arnold of Slifer Smith & Frampton for the great tour!

Last up, a couple of views from the rooftop deck.

As we mentioned in our introduction, condo projects, especially in high-density renditions, are exceedingly rare, so they merit the celebration. We hope to see many more types of this development, providing dense carpeting around Downtown Denver. Welcome to the neighborhood, The Arbory! If you are curious about more details, head on over to The Arbory’s website.

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